Cranksgiving: News & Notes

Cleveland’s first annual Cranksgiving takes place tomorrow, Saturday, November 17. We thought we’d share some news and notes to help you prepare.

1. Bring a bag or pannier! You’ll need one to haul groceries.

2. Registration begins at 11am. Enjoy free coffee, courtesy of Phoenix Coffee. We’ll do some quick announcements around 11:45 and distribute manifests immediately after.

3. Remember to follow traffic laws, wear your helmet (recommended, but not required), and bring a lock!

4. Cranksgiving Cleveland is not an alleycat race. Take your time, ride with others, have fun, and be generous!

5. There will be seven grocery stores on your manifest. You’ll need to ride to four of them: one on the north side, one on the east side, and two on the west/south side. Your ride should be about fifteen miles. Going to more or fewer than the four grocery stores is entirely up to you.

6. There will be a need for you to employ a little strategy. Do you bike a shorter distance for a heavy or bulky item, or do you travel farther for a smaller, lighter item? In which order should you pick up items?

7. The groceries you’ll need to purchase should cost you around $15. However, you can feel free to buy more items if you’d like to be generous or less if you need.

8. Return to Phoenix Coffee by 3pm (even if you haven’t hit all four grocery stores) to donate your food to St. Augustine and University Settlement Hunger Centers.

9. We’ll have a limited number of Bike Cleveland t-shirts available for purchase.

Happy Cranksgiving!

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