Do You Ride a Bike? Mark September 10th and 11th


…You’re the kind of guy who gets out on your wheels when fall turns the Metroparks red, orange and yellow. Or maybe you look longingly at that old Huffy collecting dust in the garage. You might be the kind of girl who counts down the winter days until she can hit the Towpath — or even challenges snow-covered roads in between. You might have tried commuting to work on your bike (or just around the corner to pick up some groceries). Maybe you live to throw your muddy ride on the back of that Jeep and hit them mountain bike trails.

Whatever your way of riding — Cleveland needs you.

Ever thought you might feel safer riding on the road if you had a bike lane? Wish there were a bike rack outside of your favorite bookstore? Want to feel like you are part of a bicycling community—like the kind you read about in Portland, San Francisco, or even (gasp) Pittsburgh?

Cycling of all forms has seen a surge in this region in the last few years. It’s time to capitalize on our community’s growing interest in a mode of transportation that is sustainable, healthy, social, and enjoyable — so that we can support it, advocate for it, and grow it.

Cycling advocates in the region have joined forces in a new advocacy organization called Bike Cleveland. For this ambitious undertaking to be wildly successful, we need all forms of cyclists to give us their ideas for improving biking in our little corner of Ohio. The way we see it, this is going to be the most powerful way for you to express your opinions and ideas about cycling. Think about it like this: it’s your chance to sculpt the best organization for serving you.

When can you get your voice heard? All day for two days: September 10th and 11th. We’re coming together for the first ever Bike Cleveland Strategic Planning Summit.

At the Summit, we will gather to plan the goals, strategy and action plan for Bike Cleveland that will inspire a region hungry for better bicycle infrastructure, policy, and culture. Outcomes of the summit will include defining Bike Cleveland’s mission, what it will do and how to get it done, forging strong community collaborations to support Bike Cleveland, and establishing buy-in from local cyclists. The ultimate goal? To create a not-for-profit, legitimate, bricks-and-mortar Bike Cleveland.

Mark September 10th-11th on your calendar for Bike Cleveland’s two-day Strategic Planning Summit. We need you to help create an organization that supports everyone who is interested in riding a bike, in any capacity. For a formal invitation to the Summit email Jacob VanSickle at

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