Driver Hits Cyclist in Alleged Hit and Run

Photo: Meg Shaw - Newsnet5

Photo: Meg Shaw – Newsnet5

**Update – 10/9/15**

Authorities are urging the driver of the white van who hit cyclist Sean Staeger to turn themselves in.

Witness Brandon Jackson said “He didn’t have to be that close, there was no reason to be that close.” Jackson described the suspect’s vehicle as a white cargo van with a ladder rack on top.

Staeger has broken bones in the face and road rash over much of his body. His recovery is expected to take months. Cuyahoga Falls Police urge anyone with information on the case to call them at 330-971-TIPS.

According to a witness, a person in a van allegedly hit a person on a bike with intent at 8:40am in Cuyahoga Falls. The description of the offending vehicle is a white van with a ladder rack on top. Witness says that the driver seemed impatient and hit the cyclist with what appeared to be intent. The driver did not stop and left the scene. The rider is expected to make a recovery, Newsnet5 Reports.

Already we are seeing the typical victim blaming response from people who do not like the fact that people on bikes belong on the road. If you have an opinion, now may be a good time to share it and hopefully educate some people on the rules of the road and the responsibility you have when operating a vehicle in a public space.

We will keep you updated here on the progress of the incident.

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