Equity & Access Within Cleveland’s Mobility Options

As more mobility options come online in Cleveland, one of the common questions that comes up is: What about those that don’t have smartphones and/or credit cards? It’s a fair question, as everyone should have access to the convenience of these systems. All three of Cleveland’s current scooter options have programs in place to increase accessibility in this regard. Let’s take a look at the options:

Bird Access

Bird is dedicated to ensuring our service is reliable and readily available to all. Bird Access is a program that helps
improve mobility and increase access to employment opportunities for underserved communities.

Their programs include:

Low-income access: Bird offers riders unlimited 30-minute rides for just $5/month for anyone who is currently enrolled in or eligible for a state or federal assistance program.

Non-credit card access:  Riders have the option of using prepaid debit cards to pay for Bird rides. Riders can purchase prepaid cards with cash from local retailers that can be used within the Bird app or when providing their payment option for Bird’s text-to-ride service.

Non-smartphone access: Bird offers text-to-ride. This enables a rider to start and end rides through SMS text messages without needing a smartphone or a data plan.

Enrollment in these programs begins with a visit to Bird Access page or email to Access@Bird.co

Lime Access


Low-income access: They offer a discount of more than 50% that provides an affordable way to use Lime.

Non-credit card access: A partnership with PayNearMe allows users to pay using cash at one of 27,000+ retail locations.

Non-smartphone access: Lime supports a text-to-unlock feature, which promotes equitable mobility by removing the barrier of smartphone ownership.

For questions about eligibility, pricing and more, view the complete details on the Lime Access page or call

Spin Access

Spin is proud to offer Spin Access, which provides access to our scooters for people without smartphones, mobile location services, or credit cards. Spin Access also provides discounted fares for those who qualify.

Low-income access: Spin Access offers a variety of cheaper ride rates to users with limited incomes depending on your status.

Non-credit card access: You can use the app to get access to scooters, but may need to purchase a prepaid debit card to set yourself up.

Non-smartphone access: You can use their text-based (SMS) system to unlock scooters with a special code.

If you have any questions about Spin Access or you can view the Spin Access page or call 1-888-262-5189

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