Franklin Boulevard Traffic Calming Meeting

Add your voice to the discussion about possible future plans about Franklin Boulevard! Early steps are underway to establish the current conditions, issues, and dangerous hot spots for riders and pedestrians along this 2 mile corridor. Lowering the speed limit has long been suggested, but in order to be successful, more is involved than simply putting up new signs. To make the street safer for all users, implementation of traffic calming elements may be introduced, with a focus on making the street better for cyclists riding down it – and better for people on foot crossing it. This, in turn, should dramatically lower the automobile crashes along the road as well – a welcome change for the residents that live along and adjacent to the historic, tree-lined street.

Location: St. Paul’s Community Church   MAP

Time: Doors open at 5:30, meeting begins at 6:00PM

All are welcome, and we need the voices and opinions of cyclists in the room!


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