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Help Shape the Future of Bike Cleveland

Since our beginning just 6 short years ago, Bike Cleveland’s base of supporters, volunteers, members, and partners has grown as Cleveland’s cycling realities have improved. During this period, we have made significant progress towards our goals developed during our organization’s original formation. This success and growth provides an opportunity to examine the future of the organization, specifically considering some of the following “growth questions” that will shape our work:

To assist in answering these questions, we have engaged S&G Endeavors (an external strategic planning consultant) to attain significant stakeholder feedback and gain consensus on a mission and plan that will guide Bike Cleveland for the next five years. YOUR participation, perspective, and feedback are critical to ensuring that a broad and diverse group are represented in the decision making process.

We know your time is valuable, but we are asking for 10 minutes that will help shape Bike Cleveland’s work for safe streets over the next 5 years. Get started now by completing our survey and providing your feedback and ideas.

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