Let’s Connect the Maple Highlands Trail

GC_Connect the Trail

With over 600 signatures in hand and a dozen supporters in attendance at the Geauga County Commissioners meeting on Thursday, February 27th the question was asked to the trio of commissioners: Will you approve the easement needed to connect the maple Highlands Trail?

The response was brief and vague noting that the County Commissioners are in discussions with the City of Chardon on a solution.

We have a solution, and it is funded. The solution is to approve an easement that will build 1.33 miles of multipurpose trail in the City of Chardon, from Fifth Avenue to Water Street, that will connect the maple Highlands Trail.  This connection will help complete a continuous 21-mile multi-modal trail serving Geauga County residents and visitors. The trail connects to the Greenway Corridor in Lake County and will ultimately be connected to Lake Erie.

The Geauga County commissioners admit they are using the easement as a bargaining chip in an unrelated dispute over tax revenues. They say talks are in progress and to expect a positive result. We’ll give those talks a chance. But let’s continue to let them know that we want the easement to be released regardless of the outcome of the negotiations so this already funded project can begin as scheduled without delay or further expense.

If you have not signed already take a moment and sign the petition below asking the commissioners to approve the easement needed to build the trail. If you live, or own a business, in Geauga County be sure to call the commissioners telling them you want the trail built as planned. Their number is 440-279-1660.

Lets not let politics get in the way of a connected bikeway network.

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