PUBLIC COMMENT: Access Ohio 2045 Transportation Plan


Ohio’s long-range transportation plan, called Access Ohio 2045, is available for public review and comment. You can download the draft plan and share your thoughts via survey here —>

Access Ohio 2045 will guide Ohio’s transportation policies and investment strategies for the next 20 years, including investments in biking, walking and transit. Some of the strategies and initiatives that relate to biking, walking, and transit include:

  • Strategy 8: Ohio will advance a transportation system that improves quality of life and moves communities forward for all residents
    • Values, Health, Equity – Support multimodal transportation investments that align with community values, public health and equity. ODOT and local partners will advance strategic and timely transportation infrastructure such as sidewalks, curb ramps, trail access and seamless multimodal connections that provide healthier, more equitable and active ways to travel to, from and within Ohio’s communities.
  • Strategy 9: Ohio will increase access to transit and shared mobility services.
    • Local Transit – Increase opportunities for local investments in transit through ODOT’s funding programs. ODOT will expand eligibility requirements within its funding programs to integrate and include a broader set of transit considerations within infrastructure investments such as transit stop improvements, transit-only lanes and shoulders, transit signal prioritization and pedestrian access to transit stops.
  • Strategy 10: Ohio will advance walking and bicycling as a safe, convenient and accessible transportation option for everyone.
    • Planning & Policy – Strengthen statewide, regional, local and corridor pedestrian and bicycle planning. ODOT will develop strategic, statewide active transportation infrastructure policies, resources, technical assistance and programs that address walking and bicycling needs and encourage alignment in state, regional and local planning. This includes working with partners to continue to develop and maintain connected pedestrian and bicycle networks, and designate and strengthen Ohio’s State and US Bike Route system.
    • Education & Promotion – Educate and inform roadway users, elected officials and practitioners on walking and biking issues. In coordination with state agencies and local partners, ODOT will help develop educational resources and promotional campaigns focused on walking and biking transportation.
    • Collaboration – Promote partnerships and programs to engage state, regional and local practitioners and advocates. ODOT will work to continuously engage stakeholders and organizations on the opportunities and challenges surrounding walking and bicycling and accomplish mutual goals.

Take some time to review the plan and share your thoughts on how it can better address the needs of people biking, walking or accessing public transit. Feedback can be shared by August 31st by filling out the survey found at:

To receive a printed copy of the Plan and survey, or to have ODOT meet specialized communication needs, please email or call 614-466-7410 and provide your name, phone, email and mailing address. Comments can also be mailed to:

Access Ohio 2045
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