Random Acts of Brightness – October Edition


***Rain Update: It might be a little drizzly so bring your rain gear. If you don’t have rain gear or aren’t up for riding around in some rain you can come to both meet-up locations and pick-up some lights to hand out on your own later this week.***

Random Acts of Brightness is Bike Cleveland’s initiative to install front and rear bicycle light sets for riders with unlit bikes by intercepting cyclists while they are riding around in the dark. Since 2012, Bike Cleveland and volunteers have been given away over a thousand free bike lights through our Random Acts of Brightness program. Thanks to the support of Swagelok, on October 26th and November 3rd we’ll be out again getting cyclists lit!

Bike Cleveland staff and volunteers will meet-up at the locations below. We’ll divide up and ride around to hand out lights to unlit cyclists and talk with them about the importance of using lights while riding at night.



  • Date: November 3rd
  • Time: 6PM – 8PM (while supplies last)
  • Locations:

Interested in volunteering? If you are interested in riding around and handing out lights to people who are unlit you can sign-up here: https://forms.gle/MtzDLwnHEtdavFPx8. Be sure to bring a backpack or pannier to carry some lights.

Random Acts of Brightness is made possible with support from Swagelok.

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