Recap: Random Acts of Brightness

There are many perks to being a Bike Cleveland member, and one of them is getting invited to special events. This past Friday saw outstanding weather, an enthusiastic group of members, and an all-directions effort around Cleveland to distribute lights to riders out at night without them.

Random Acts of Brightness begins with members converging on the Bike Cleveland offices for a snack, a quick briefing, some team formation – and the divvying up of about 160 LED light sets. Teams then head out in every direction looking for riders out past dusk without lights – and often riding the wrong way against traffic. It doesn’t take long until you find them.

RAB Bridge

We encounter solo riders, couples, and groups on main roads, side streets, and everywhere it seems. This lack of lights at night covers a wide spectrum of age, race, and economic backgrounds – and it only takes an hour and a half to give out nearly all of the lights. Members then return to a pre-chosen destination to provide feedback, reflect on what they observed, and share their stories of the night with one another.

We do this a few times a year, as our light supply allows. If you’re not a Bike Cleveland member yet – JOIN! Not only are you strengthening the movement for riders just like yourself in the region, you get invites to events like this, our superb annual meeting/party, and even discounts at local bike shops & more!

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