Share your ideas for improving biking and walking

The City of Cleveland is set to receive over $500 million through the American Rescue Plan Act. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make real, thoughtful, and transformative investments in our residents and our city. With so many bike and pedestrian projects planned in Cleveland, we want to hear from you how you would prioritize funding.

To do this Bike Cleveland is working alongside Participatory Budgeting Cleveland, a group of grassroots orgs and community groups, on a participatory budgeting campaign in Cleveland.

What is participatory budgeting? Participatory Budgeting is a way to enable residents to vote on how they want public money spent in their community. It gives people real power over real money. Watch this great video summary, and learn more here.

We want to hear how you would spend funding in the realm of biking and walking. Would you fund a network of protected bike lanes? How about 1,000 new bike parking spaces? Or how about traffic calming on Cleveland’s most dangerous streets?

Share your ideas and vote on all the ideas here. We’ll take the top voted ideas and submit them for inclusion in the participatory budgeting campaign website.