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The City of Cleveland has a temporary traffic calming project coming to Franklin Boulevard starting July 24th. Franklin is known as a common automobile cut-through, often resulting in higher speeds, more traffic, and crash incidents on a neighborhood street. This naturally makes it a poor bicycle route.

For three weeks, there will be temporary traffic diverters in place along the corridor that aim to: reduce cut through traffic, calm vehicle speeds, and make the street safer for residents, bicyclists, and pedestrians. The diverters direct automobile and truck traffic off of Franklin – but there are gaps that allow bicyclists through. If you ride Franklin now, you should see an improvement in the safety of the street. If you generally avoid Franklin for the reasons mentioned above > these next 3 weeks will present a great opportunity to try it out again.

Note: when you approach the diverters, we suggest you take the lane in order to avoid being right-hooked as drivers adjust to the changed pattern.

We will be seeking rider feedback on the changes, and how they affected your interaction with the corridor. Please sign up here to be part of the focus group on August 23rd.

Here is the timeline:

3-Week Franklin Blvd. Traffic Calming Demonstration

Tuesday, July 24 through Friday, August 10

Key Dates:

July 17 and 18—pre-demonstration volunteer traffic count data collection

July 24—demonstration goes live

July 28 from 2:00-4:00—on-site Q&A session at W. 65th and Franklin

July 31 from 4:00-6:00—on-site Q&A session at W. 65th and Franklin

August 6—online and paper feedback survey opens

August 7 and 8—during demonstration traffic count and speed data collection

August 10—demonstration removed

August 24—feedback survey closes

Diverter Locations:


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