Woah! We have a new website!

Disclaimer: We don't actually imagine you like this.

Disclaimer: We don’t actually imagine you like this.

Welcome to our new website! Yes, we know the old one wasn’t very good, so we’re excited to have a new one! Aside from looking waaay better, there is a bunch of new and updated information we hope you find useful. We’re happy you’re here, and we’d like to take the chance to highlight some of the new features of the site. If you don’t know us already, check out Who We Are!


Want to know what we have been up to? Take a look at our Safer Streets Campaigns. Recently we have been pushing for bike specific infrastructure on the Opportunity Corridor, and are gearing up to continue our Police Enforcement Education program in June. We are also working on getting a fully-fledged Bike Share program off the ground in time for the RNC. Speaking of education, we have a new Bikes and the Law page where you can get to know two great area bicycle advocates, Ken Knabe and Joe Dunson, who both ride and practice law. They have provided us with information about what to do if you’re hit, and how you can protect yourself as a cyclist on our streets. One of our grand projects right now is the push for creating the Midway Bike Network to make better use of our overly wide and underused roadways left over from the old streetcar days.


You can check out what Bike Cleveland events are happening around town on our Bike Cleveland Events page, or submit your own event on our Community Events Calendar. There are links to National Bike Month, Bike to Work Day, our NEOCycle event the Forest City Fundo, and the all important Rust Belt Battle of the Bikes. We have resources on how to protect your bicycle from theft, help with acquiring proper Bike Parking for your business, tips for getting around town by bike, and links to all the Shops, Clubs & Trails so you can hook up with all the other cyclists in our region. We’d link it all in this blog post, but you’re already here and it’s all easy to find.


Pretty sweet, right? We think so. If you agree you should consider Becoming a Member of Bike Cleveland, and adding your voice to over 700 other local advocates. Our numbers represent our political clout, and the more people we have as part of our ranks, the stronger we are as a whole. Your money goes to funding our advocacy efforts and producing local events. So stay a while, click around, and get to know your local advocacy group. Suggestions are welcome, so if you have any email Rob Thompson at – rob@bikecleveland.org ….he’d love to hear from you!

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