Enforcement Education Program

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Bike Cleveland has contracted with WE BIKE, etc. to assist with the implementation of a Pedestrian and Bicycle Law Enforcement Training Program to help improve pedestrian and bicycle safety across Greater Cleveland. The training program, a partnership between bicycle advocacy and local law enforcement, provides your department with the following state and national pedestrian and bicycle safety/education materials and training at no cost to you:

These resources are part of a continuum of training meant to be used in order, leading up to a two-day Enforcement for Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety training seminar. In the Enforcement for Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety seminar officers will learn about the what, where, when, how, who & why of walking and bicycling; components of the Highway Safety Triangle; pedestrian and bicycle environment audits; how pedestrian & bicycle crashes happen; pedestrian & bicycle laws; crash investigating & reporting; potential law enforcement partners; and more. This course is appropriate for all law enforcement officers, however, select officers (e.g., bike patrol, school liaison, FTO, training, neighborhood, shift commanders) will find it particularly useful.

The 2 day Enforcement for Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety seminar is:

When: June 9th-June 10th
Time: 8am-4:30pm (both days)
Where: Cleveland Metroparks Operations Office (4500 Valley Parkway, Fairview Park, OH); Inside the Hickory Room.
Register for the training by filling out the form here. Space is limited to 45 officers so please register early. 

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Training with 25 police officers on April 22-23, 2014.

Enforcement Resources

Enforcement for Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety: Are you prepared? (download and print)

Enforcement for Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety: Are You Prepared? is a handy brochure designed for police officers to read and keep. It provides a quick and easy reference to the pertinent pedestrian, bicycle and motorist laws affecting pedestrian and bicyclist safety. Please print, copy and distribute this brochure to all of your officers and let’s work together to make our streets safer for pedestrians and bicyclists.


Click to download and print full brochure.


Click to print and download full brochure.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Roll-Call Videos

The following videos are provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and provide a brief overview for effectively enforcing laws to maximize bicycle and pedestrian safety. They are meant to be shared during police roll-call.


Enforcing Laws for Bicyclists:


You can download the Enforcing Laws for Bicyclists video here for use in your department. 

Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Saves Lives: 


You can download the Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Saves Lives video here for use in your department. 

Additional Bicycle and Pedestrian Resource List

This list of state and national resources for pedestrian and bicycle safety materials can be useful for police officers when making traffic stops, school visits, or interacting with the walking, bicycling and motoring public. All these materials are available online at no cost. You can download the list here: Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Resources – Greater Cleveland.

Click to download interactive list of resources.

Click to download interactive list of resources.