Candidate Questionnaire and Active Transportation Vision

Biking and walking are political issues. When you choose to get around by foot or by bike, you are addressing critically important issues: personal health, air quality, oil dependence, economics, infrastructure, and safety.

Each election cycle, we want to make sure that candidates understand issues that are important to constituents. In the case of street safety, 1 in 5 traffic fatalities and major injuries are pedestrians or people on bikes, improvements to our built environment may literally save their lives.

We are providing all Cleveland City Council and Mayoral Candidates an opportunity to talk directly about active transportation issues so voters can make informed decisions when casting their vote.

Bike Cleveland has created two outlets for candidates to communicate their support for biking, walking and public transit:

  1. Active Transportation Vision: Bike Cleveland’s Active Transportation vision is a concise plan of actions that Cleveland’s elected officials should follow to meet our city’s challenges around mobility generally, and active transportation—biking, walking, and public transit—specifically. It is a blueprint to transform Cleveland into a less car-dependent, healthier, and more equitable city. We are asking you as a candidates to read the Active Transportation vision and let us know if you agree with the goals. You can read the platform here: Active Transportation Vision Document
  2. Candidate Questionnaire: Please take a moment and complete the appropriate questionnaire for your local race. The questionnaire will take about 25 minutes to complete. Responses will be shared with our members and the media.

Mayoral Candidate Questionnaire

Council Candidate Questionnaire