Cleveland International Film Festival

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We have a very small staff, so our power comes from members, volunteers, and cyclists just like you. Make a difference in your local community by giving us a bit of your time each year.



3 Foot Passing Law

“The operator of a vehicle overtaking another vehicle shall pass to the left at a safe distance and shall not again drive to the right until safely clear of the overtaken vehicle. When a motor vehicle overtakes and passes a bicycle, three feet or greater is considered a safe passing distance.”

Ride to CIFF!

We’re excited for the return of the 48th Cleveland international Film Festival from April 3 – 13! You can use the code CEP2024 for $1 off each ticket. Redemption details for purchases online, in-person at Playhouse Square or over the phone are available through this discount code redemption document.

Playhouse Square makes an excellent destination on your bicycle - and we have mapped out almost 100 FREE bicycle parking spaces to lock up and enjoy your feature! The joy of mobility by bicycle is that it affords you the closest, most convenient places to park throughout the city. And, this could make the perfect chance for you to try out some of the other shared mobility options as well.

If you aren't accustomed to riding to where you want to go yet, take a few and read our Getting Around By Bike page - which has everything you need to get started. Plus, since you will need to lock your bike up at Playhouse Square, get in-the-know about locking up your bicycle properly as well.

Best Routes to Playhouse Square & Parking Options for Bicycles

The parking locations marked in GREEN tend to be sidewalk area individual hoop type racks (like pictured above), while the ones in RED are the wave type of rack meant to hold a larger number of bikes. While the hoop types racks hold your bike up more securely, many of the wave racks are located in parking garages - which means they are covered making them great if the weather is funky. ORANGE highlights are our recommended routes to your destination.