Stolen Bike Listings

Listed below are all the stolen bikes reported within several miles of Cleveland, as tracked by the open source bike registration gurus at

If you come into contact with one of the stolen bikes in this listing, you can contact the owner through their BikeIndex listing or you can contact directly.

Please note: While some police departments do use our data, BikeIndex is not affiliated with law enforcement, it is largely a community effort. You should always report your stolen bike to the local police first, and please note your case number when reporting to Bike Index.

Stolen Date Manufacturer Name Model Overview
2023.10.29 Specialized 2019 Divergent

No Description Available

2023.11.02 DK Bikes Six pack

No Description Available

2005.07.07 Specialized 2001 Expedition

Bike had been converted to an 11-30/7 speed cassettewith a TREK rear rack and Headlands X pack trunk...

2009.06.01 Huffy 26

Photo will come soon!!!the colors are red blue it has tape on the middle

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