How We Roll: Ready to Ride – Getting Started

How We Roll-Getting Started

Ready To Ride: Getting Started | Let’s learn how to prepare for the upcoming biking season.

For many getting prepared for the biking season is easy but for others it may be challenging. Join Diana Hildebrand, Bike Cleveland Education and Outreach Manager as she shows you how to prepare for the riding season with simple and affordable options, techniques and tools to help you get started and maintain your bike during the 2022 season. From performing your own ABC Quick Check (ABCQC), fixing a flat to knowing when to take your bike to the mechanic for repairs. This session will have you feeling confident when cycling alone, with family or friends. This session is one of many Ready to Ride session which is a beginner friendly workshop series dedicated to keeping you having fun on two wheels and crushing your cycling goals.

When: Tuesday, May 10th, 6-8pm
Where: Bike Cleveland (3000 Bridge Ave., Suite 1, Cleveland, OH 44113)
Cost: $10 (includes a free Bike Cleveland water bottle)
Registration required: Register here.
This session will teach participants on how to fix a flat, learn about PSI, the different types of valve stems, the various components of a bicycle, ABC Quick check and the importance of giving your bike a look over before hitting the road, trail or track. This session will also touch on helmets, helmet expiration, lights when to use them and the different types of lights for various riding (road, trail, touring). Other aspects of this session to consider is how to carry items and what to carry from bottle cages, bar bag and back pack which one works for you?

How We Roll is Bike Cleveland’s new educational workshop series dedicated to have you ready to ride with confidence. From youth, adult and senior programming there is a biking experience and workshop waiting for you. For more information about How We Roll Cleveland visit

Refund Policy: All sessions are non refundable and will go towards Bike Cleveland efforts to continue to educate, advocate and support our growing biking community.

COVID-19 Protocol: If you have been sick prior to attending these workshops please stay home. This is to ensure the safety of Bike Cleveland staff and workshop attendees. If you have any questions please email Diana Hildebrand at

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