Winter Riding Fun

Winter is coming as they say. You have worked hard all year to build fitness & improve your skills. Don’t let it all slip away over the winter! Come learn how to stave off the atrophy and stay motivated all winter long – and come out swinging in the spring!

Attend to learn ways to stay safe while riding your bicycle. Bicycle riding is NOT a part of the workshop.

Join Bike Cleveland every 3rd Tuesday for informative classes on a wide range of cycling topics. During social distancing requirements our Bike Smarts Classes are FREE to all and will be held virtually via Zoom beginning at 6:30pm EST.

Supported Operating Systems
iOS 7.0 or later:
Send and receive video using front or rear camera
iPhone 4 or later, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad 2 or later, iPod touch 4th Generation, iPhone 3GS (no front facing camera)
iPadOS 13 or later
Android 4.0x or later
Kindle Fire HD
Supported Browsers for Web Start
iOS/iPadOS: Safari5+, Chrome
Android: Webkit (default), Chrome

Pre-registration is required to receive the conference line link.

To see future class topics visit

Registration for all classes opens the 1st day of each month.

Zoom Registration Info: HERE

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