ACTION ALERT: W. 25th Street Bike Lane

Why buffer a bike from the curb? That is what we were left wondering when we went out to see the planned bike lane for W. 25th Street. See it for yourself below in the photo showing the pre-markings for a bike lane on W. 25th from Bridge Ave. to Detroit Ave.IMG_20150821_162047935


Buffers are great because they create space between vulnerable people and cars; they protect people and we love them. You know what doesn’t need protection? A concrete curb. In the above scenario simply flipping the configuration would be a much better solution, and consistent with current best practices. What West 25th needs is a true buffered bike lane that creates separation between motor vehicles and people on bikes. Buffered bike lanes like we have locally on Edgehill, E. 72nd Street, and a portion of Detroit Ave.

Plus when the buffer is placed between the bike lane and the car lane it would provide room to add some additional protection through the addition of bollards (plastic posts, metal posts, public art, planters, etc.). These types of facilities help encourage more people to get out on a bike.

ACTION: Please contact Cleveland City Hall ASAP and tell Mayor Jackson that the W. 25th Street bike lane needs to be a true buffered bike lane that improves the safety of people on bikes and encourages more people to choose a sustainable form of transportation (riding a bike). Don’t buffer the curb; it doesn’t need it like people do. You can call the Mayors Action hotline at 216-664-2900 OR email and CC

#DontBufferTheCurb #ProtectPeopleNotConcrete



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