Big Changes on the Bridge

The eastbound bike lane on Detroit-Superior bridge has gone through another stage of work, and is now complete all the way to the end. Permanent vertical posts will soon replace the orange barrels in place now. The bike signals are operational, and the Two Stage Bike Turning Boxes are framed in. (They will be painted green as soon as paving work is complete within the intersection itself.)

Two Key Takeaways:

  1. You MUST STOP when the Bike Signal is red. When the signal is red, there is active traffic crossing through the intersection – including right turns across your path.


  1. DO NOT make left turns from the bike lane. Your green is timed with vehicles continuing straight through the intersection. Use the Two Stage Bike Turning Boxes.

Stage One > When the bike signal turns green, proceed to the bike boxes and stop. Stage Two > Position yourself in the corresponding box to continue onto W9th or W. Superior and wait for the green light.


The bike lanes between W9th and W6th are also in place. Proper bike lane markings on the way.

The work is still underway, as it’s a multi-faceted project involving several related construction projects. Paving work is still to come on both ends at the intersections, green paint highlights are still on the way, and of course – permanent vertical posts are coming soon. This is a big project for the City of Cleveland and the City of Cleveland traffic engineering department has been working hard to get it right. We’re excited to see it coming to life!