Bike Cleveland Business Partners and Membership Perks Series

Episode 1: Alex Nosse and Joy Machines Bike Shop

Written By Bike Cleveland Member and Events & Programming Co-chair Benjamin Stewart

Bike Cleveland Membership Perk:  5% off merchandise, 10% off service

Located at 1836 West 25th Street in the heart of the popular Ohio City neighborhood, Joy Machines is a full service, community oriented bike shop that has been open since 2011. When you walk into Joy Machines the atmosphere reminds you of everything that is fun about bicycling.  The shop is colorful, friendly, and has a unique assortment of bicycles and accessories.  You can of course find items to fulfill your most basic cycling needs, but don’t be surprised if you fall in love with a beautiful set of hand finished wood fenders or a neon cycling cap. Despite some of the fun atypical items you might find in stock at Joy Machines, Owner Alex Nosse remains dedicated to catering to the everyday rider.  I recently sat down to speak with Alex about his shop and his relationship with Bike Cleveland.  He was very clear that his vision is to “support people who are riding bikes all the time in Cleveland, by necessity or by choice” and that he is very much an advocate of bicycling as a form of transportation.  Alex is a true Clevelander.  He was raised on the Near West Side where he lives today, he is an avid Indians fan, and he is always ready to give back to his community.  He was very happy to answer the following questions.

What’s your vision for the future of cycling in Cleveland?

Alex Nosse2“I think that Cleveland has the potential to be an exemplary, if not world class cycling city. We are far away from that being true, but projects like The Midway in particular have the potential to be transformative of the entire culture of the city.  Cleveland is a place where big things are possible. Whether or not they happen comes down to a lot of hard work and politics.  I think the potential is there for a lot of great stuff.”

Why do you choose to support Bike Cleveland?

“I believe a unified voice and vision for bike advocates in the city is essential for our ability to be effective at making change.”

What is your favorite bike to ride?

“My Long Haul Trucker because of where it’s taken me.  I do love (my) Bruce Gordon but that’s more like a love affair.  I’ve only put about 500 miles on it.  I’ve done lengthy tours on the Long Haul Trucker.”

Where is your favorite place to ride your bike?

“Any quiet two lane country road.”

What is your favorite bicycling memory?

“When I was doing my longest tour, probably the arrival in San Francisco.  The scene of arriving after riding for two months was pretty memorable.”

Joy Machines Bike Shop will be hosting a social for Bike Cleveland members next Friday, September 12th, from 6PM to 8:30PM.  The dual purpose social will serve to raise Bike Cleveland membership awareness and to show off the beautiful new Justin Cownden mural that recently went up on the bike shop’s wall.  Come by meet fellow Bike Cleveland members and enjoy a beverage.  Anyone who joins Bike Cleveland or renews their membership at the social will receive 25% off a merchandise purchase (bikes excluded) and a free Joy Machines t-shirt!  Additionally anyone who joins Bike Cleveland or renews their membership between today and the end of the social will be entered into a drawing to win a prize package from Bike Cleveland and Joy Machines!

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