Detroit-Superior Bridge Updates

The rapidly changing Cleveland weather is upon us, and it will wreak havoc on just about everything – including construction schedules. A lot of the work on the bridge is done, and it already makes things much better for riders making the crossing – so a Thank You goes out to the city for getting portions of this done now. Here is the latest on the progress out on the bridge:

City Traffic Engineer Andrew Cross tells us that “Based on the weather forecast for the next few weeks it does not look like we’ll be able to place the rest of the green paint this year. The key areas are done, but we still need to add green backgrounds at all of the remaining bike lane symbols.” The sections as you first ride onto the bridge are done, as are the sections as you head eastbound to the split, and westbound to the intersection at 25th. The other bike lane markings are there, just without backgrounds. Remember: it’s a sharrow eastbound past the peak of the bridge until the construction gets completed at the intersection. Timeline: Spring.

Next Up: The Qwick-Kurb. This is the divider that gets placed on the road that vertical bollards get attached to.

There are temporary orange barrels there now until the outside contractor confirms the installation date and gets this done. This phase of work is not sensitive to temperature, so it should still be completed this year. Timeline: ASAP

Bike Signals & Turning Boxes: The construction and repaving projects at both ends of the bridge will hold up the Two Stage Bike Turning Boxes and Bike Signals. There are major repaving projects to be done (that are unrelated to the bike project) and the boxes and signals cannot be implemented until the road surface is finished. “Although we expected that work to be done this year, they’ve had a hard time meeting specs. for temperature. The asphalt plants will soon close for the season.” As the temperatures continue to drop, the chances of us seeing these features this year drops as well. Timeline: Spring (unless we get real lucky.)

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