Platform Brewing – Thank You!


Platform Beer Co. is hosting a series of Non-Profit Fundraising events every Tuesday where the brewery will be donating $1 for every beer sold to a local charitable organization. We are fortunate to be the first one in Cleveland on Tuesday, November 14th! From 3:00 until midnight $1 from EVERY beer sold that day will be donated to fund our work. We will be part of the rotation of non-profits that will benefit from these special Tuesdays, and we look forward to meeting many of you there when we can.

But – here is the big one – from December 1 to May 31 – a portion of the proceeds from the sale of New Cleveland Palesner cans will also be heading our way! So buy some at the store for parties, holiday events, New Years – you name it. That’s a full 6 months of generosity from our partners at Platform Brewing, and we sincerely thank them and hope you will support them (and us) with your purchases!

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