eNEO2050 – Inform future transportation investments


NOACA is updating their Long Range Transportation Plan, which will guide investment in transportation infrastructure for the next 30 years. The plan is called eNEO2050. The overall goal of the plan is to increase mobility and improve the quality of life within NOACA’s five county region (Cuyahoga, Lorain, Lake, Geague, and Medina counties). Through the critical lens of equity, eNEO2050 will promote quality of life through integrated regional transportation, land use, housing, and capital investment planning to enhance the region’s economic competitiveness, increase its resilience, provide its citizens better access to quality employment and affordable housing, and offer efficient, sustainable transportation choices.

To learn more about the plan visit eNEO2050.com.


We need you to provide input on the eNEO2050 plan’s priorities by completing the eNEO2050 CrowdGauge activity. As part of the activity you will identify your priorities and allocate funding to policies and actions that best support your priorities for the region. The activity will take 20-30 minutes to complete, but it is a fun tool and it’s important to share what your priorities are for advancing equitable transportation in our region. You can start the CrowdGauge activity here.

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UPCOMING eNEO2050 Public Meeting!

Register for a virtual public meeting about NOACA’s eNEO2050 plan taking place on September 16th at 5:30pm. Registration is required. You can register at: https://www.eneo2050.com/virtual-public-meetings?fbclid=IwAR2GFb4JgLS9S0odZoyJenMYXf06h_kGs1wVxhQQBszjd3j9vgKwk4kBU3I