Ride to the NEORSD Open House Bicycle Tours!

Ride your bike to an upcoming event – the NEORSD Open House!  For the second year in a row, visitors will be able to tour the facility by bike (space limited – sign up now) and take a 5.5-mile ride at at the Environmental & Maintenance Services Center in Cuyahoga Heights and be led through the Southerly plant with several stops to see the process along the way.  It’s a unique opportunity that should not be missed!  Before and after the tour, riders are welcome to join the other Open House festivities including exhibits, activities, food, music and more as part of their largest environmental-education event of the year.

Step it up a notch and ride to the event!  The location of the Open House is very close to the Towpath, so linking into that as part of your journey makes total sense.  If you know how to get to the Towpath from your location – great – make your way there on your favorite roads.  If you are unsure which way to go, consider these routes that connect to or originate from popular trails or friendly roads to the Open House. We’ll see you there!

Coming from the East:

Coming from the West:

Coming from the South:

Coming from the North:

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