NOACA “Lake Eerie” Gohio Commute Challenge


We challenge you to try something new! NOACA’s annual “Lake Eerie” Gohio Commute Challenge will be held October 1-31, 2022. This is a carbon-free challenge – walking, biking, and telework rack up more points, and transit, carpool or vanpool count too! Record up to four (4) destination trips a day and be automatically entered into weekly random drawings and overall first, second and third place prizes, donated by generous sponsors.

According to the NOACA 2021 Air Quality Trends Report, vehicle emissions count for 31.6% of critical air pollutants in the Northeast Ohio region. The average person in the Cleveland area commutes by car over 26 miles round trip, which emits 26 POUNDS of carbon dioxide into the air! Going carbon-free means reducing or eliminating carbon emissions made when travelling to and from destinations. Trips taken alone in a car rack up the highest amount of carbon emissions per person. By switching even one drive-alone trip to walking, biking, telework, transit or carpooling, you will reduce carbon in the air, improving Northeast Ohio’s air quality.

Mobile/vehicle emissions are a leading cause of air pollution in Northeast Ohio. Carbon monoxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter chemicals are emitted from the tailpipes of cars, trucks, and other gas powered vehicles and equipment. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, mobile sources make up the majority of nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions and the largest share of carbon monoxide (CO) emissions nationwide.

To participate in the “Lake Eerie” Challenge, go to  and sign up – you will be automatically registered. Log your DESTINATION trips throughout October (work, school, shopping, visiting, entertainment) and check the Leaderboard for up-to-the minute standings.

Each week, anyone that logs even one trip will be entered into a random drawing in addition to overall prizes awarded for first, second and third place commuters, courtesy of Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, Bike Cleveland, Downtown Cleveland Alliance, and of uGO University Circle.

Recreational/exercise trips are not eligible. Open to residents/employees/students in Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Lorain, and Medina counties. Questions? Contact

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