Rails-to-Trails: Active Transportation Learning Exchange

No plans Wednesday, June 5th? Join Bike Cleveland, along with other civic leaders, advocates, and decision makers as we provide a forum for a robust exchange of ideas, challenges, successes, opportunities, and best practices to truly advance active transportation in our regoin.The forum, serving as a learning exchange centered around Active Transportation with leaders from Detroit and Cleveland, will take place at the  Cleveland Public Library (325 Superior Ave., NE, Cleveland, OH) from 12-5pm. Check out the event agenda here.

Detroit and Cleveland have a great deal in common when it comes to advancing their active transportation infrastructure, or perhaps more commonly known as, their bicycle/pedestrian system. The cities share similar histories, economic challenges, and a burning desire to provide their citizens with more of what they want: trails, bike/ped facilities, connections to transit, and similar infrastructure to ensure healthier places for healthier people. Join us at a forum to share how we are advancing active transportation in our respective cities.

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