Report A Surface Hazard Tool

bike lane debris

Debris ruins useful facilities. Help us fix them by logging issues at

Bike lanes are great. They increase ridership by providing a place for riders unable or unwilling to mix with fast moving cars and trucks; they are safer for people on bikes than mixing with traffic; they boost retail performance along corridors where they are installed; they’re good for your neighborhood and property values; and they save everyone money if they ride bikes or not.

Yet, even the best bike lanes on popular bike routes are no good if they’re full of debris, and if you ride bikes, you see it all the time. Worse, opponents of bike lanes often point to debris filled lanes as an argument to not install them in the first place. We think that’s a bad argument; they just need to be swept, but one of the biggest challenges for municipalities is simply knowing where and when their facilities need maintenance. They have thousands of lane miles and limited personnel and aren’t always aware of a problem spot, but are typically quite amenable to addressing it once they find out. We’ve had positive interactions with Cleveland Division of Streets who have taken care of surface hazards after we’ve brought it to their attention.

To that end we have created a tool to crowd-source problem areas. We have created this page for you to use to log a surface hazard. We will then followup with the appropriate authority and track progress to remediation. Not just for complaints, you can use it to tell us when something has been fixed. See below for a copy of the form you can use, or just go to –

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