Rider Alert: Center Street Swing Bridge | Updated

Updated 12/2022: The opening date for the historic Center Street Swing Bridge has been pushed out to summer of 2023. While originally scheduled to open in October 2022, additional needed repairs have delayed the project.

While the bridge undergoes a renovation, riders and pedestrians will have to consider detour options in order to connect between the Lakefront Bikeway or Wendy Park Bridge and the Red Line Greenway or Centennial Lake Link Trail (which connects to the Towpath Trail).

The official bike and pedestrian detour from the Cleveland Metroparks and ODOT can be found here and is as follows:

Depending on whether you are connecting to/from the Lakefront Bikeway at W28th, or to/from the Wendy Park Bridge – we offer these additional options. These are much shorter, but come with their own pluses and minuses.

These first two options use Franklin Boulevard, which is due to close as deeper work on Irishtown Bend begins – so these will no longer be valid when that happens. Pedestrians should note that the sidewalk on Franklin is missing for a section, and rather narrow and bumpy when it is there. The third option is best for pedestrians, but bikes can use it provided that you walk your bike on the sidewalk on Old Superior between Robert Lockwood Jr. Drive and the bridge if traveling eastbound. Old Superior is one-way down the hill westbound.

Option 1 | Lakefront Bikeway Connection

Option 2 | Wendy Park Bridge Connection

Option 3 | Detroit-Superior Bridge Connection

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