Rocky River Drive Community Meeting, May 13th

RR Drive Current 1

Rocky River Drive as it exists today.

The Northeast Ohio Area Coordinating Agency (NOACA) have drawn up plans for the redevelopment of Rocky River Drive between Lorain Ave and Brookpark Rd; a primarily residential area with some retail and commercial services mixed in. To date, NOACA have held two community meetings to engage interested parties, and inform people of their preliminary recommendations. A third meeting is scheduled on May 13th, and we need your help by attending this meeting and speaking out in support of the NOACA recommendations.

RR Drive Configuration 1

Rendering of how Rocky River Drive could look

Currently, the configuration is a four lane road with a typical width of 52 feet and a speed limit of 35mph; a significant swath of asphalt. Because it is so wide, the corridor feels more like a residential freeway, and according to residents at the last community meeting, people travel in excess of 40mph on a regular basis which contributes to a lack of safety on the corridor. NOACA has proposed changing the configuration from four lanes to three for the following reasons:



  • SAFETY: there is a 29% reduction in crashes when going from a four lane configuration to three lanes because of improved visibility for left-turning cars & crossing pedestrians, while calming traffic and reducing speeding.
  • —LIVABILITY: the driving lanes are further away from sidewalk which increases feelings of pedestrian safety, especially for children who are on the sidewalk. The median could be landscaped where turn lanes aren’t needed which beautifies the neighborhood and helps increase property values.
  • OPERATIONS: separating left turns reduces delay because left turns are no longer obstructing traffic, and the center lane makes side street through movements easier for motorists.

Rocky River Drive has excess capacity and the four lane configuration is unnecessary. By eliminating one lane and adding medians and bikes facilities, you will calm traffic, improve the appearance, and make the street safer for all road users; particularly pedestrians who will have a safe “landing zone” when crossing the wide road if planted medians are included and they cannot make the cross in time (a current issue).  The proposed design will enhance connections to the Metroparks at Puritas Ave for cyclists and runners, and improve the overall feel of the neighborhood.

Despite the obvious benefits, this vision is at risk from a minority of individuals who are planning to mobilize at the next community meeting. We urge you to come out and support this well researched and common-sense redesign of what could become a real asset for the West Park neighborhood at 6:00pm on Wednesday, May 13th in the lower level of St. Patrick Catholic Church – 4427 Rocky River Drive, Cleveland, 44135. Even if you can’t make it out, please sign the petition below to show your support for a more progressive approach to road configurations.

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