Sign the petition to get bike lanes on Lorain Avenue

Lorain Avenue

Lorain Avenue is slated to be reconstructed this year from W. 117th to W. 150th. As part of the reconstruction bike lanes are planned from W. 129th to W. 150th, but not from W. 117th to W. 129th. At the latest public meeting it was stressed that community input is important to getting this project right, so this is your chance to help ensure bike lanes are added to the entire project.

Why bike lanes on Lorain Ave? Examples from across the country have proven that streets that accommodate bikes are safer for all road users, improve economic development,  and encourage more people to ride a bike. Making Lorain Avenue a safe street for people to bike and walk is a smart move for the neighborhood and the city as a whole.

We need you to sign the petition below encouraging the decision makers to build Lorain Avenue as a safe multi-modal corridor. 

The petition will be sent to the following people who are key decision makers on the project:

Frank Keehl, Consulting Engineer at the City of Cleveland
Director Matthew Spronz, Director of Capital Projects at the City of Cleveland
Councilwoman Dona Brady, Ward 11

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