Success Story: Riding to Work

Part of our work is encouraging people to ride more – and for more than just recreation. Getting around by bike in Cleveland is still a work in progress, because the network is still emerging. This often leads folks to believe that they can’t ride to work easily, because they don’t always see the route possibilities during their trips by car. But, using the right resources – and taking a fresh look at your options – opens up the possibility for you to happily ride to work and beyond!

Here is a recent example from Karen, who lives in Parma and rode to work downtown for the first time:

“My personal urban ride adventure…choosing first commute bike to work on same day as Indians daytime game, letting out at rush hour, and followed by Cavs playoffs game shortly after, Yikes! But, went a lot easier than I thought it would and I’ve got stories to tell! From sharing locker room with the bros (boys), to taking the lane on W14th to turn left, during rush hour (yikes again but I did it!)…and feeling safe on a relatively unknown wooded trail that makes my commute so much easier…good ride today!”

Karen put her route together with advice from friends, tips from Bike Cleveland’s staff, and the color-coded bike route map provided by NOACA available on our resources page. These maps highlight all of the route options at your disposal, and let you know whether it’s a bike lane, bike trail, or simply a casual side street that works great as a connector. We have hard copies of these in our offices, at events, and you can get them from NOACA as well.

Additionally, you can always seek help through our educational opportunities – including a Bike Buddy program where we will mentor you on your first trip! And, if you want some extra encouragement, the last Friday of the month through September features Bike to Work Day activities. We’re always here to help, because the more riders we have out there more often – the stronger the movement becomes!

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