Support Our 2024 Policy Priorities!

Policy Priorites


As advocates for safer, greener, and more accessible transportation options in Cleveland, we are excited to unveil our policy priorities for 2024. Sign on to show your support:

Our vision encompasses programs that incentivize affordable forms of transportation, safety upgrades to reduce bicycle & pedestrian-involved crashes, new legislation to improve internal city processes, and, ultimately, a complete network that integrates biking and walking into the fabric of our communities. By prioritizing these initiatives, we believe we can make Cleveland a model for sustainable urban living and active transportation.

Here are our key policy priorities:

  • 1. Upgrade Existing Bike Lanes: We propose upgrading at least 15 miles of standard bike lanes to separated bike lanes, following evidence-based engineering principals that create safer streets.
  • 2. Expand Traffic Calming Measures: By installing at least 150 more speed tables through the neighborhood traffic calming program, we can significantly reduce traffic speeds, making streets safer for all road users.
  • 3. Complete E. 55th Corridor-Wide Plan: We urge the completion of the E. 55th Corridor-Wide Plan and the pursuit of funding for its implementation. This plan will address safety issues on this high-injury corridor and improve lakefront access from the southeast side.
  • 4. Electric Bicycle Rebate Program: Securing funding for an electric bicycle rebate program will incentivize the adoption of eco-friendly transportation options and make biking more accessible to a wider range of residents. E-bikes have a transformative effect on the lives of people relying on their bicycles for transportation and can save residents thousands of dollars every year.
  • 4. Neighborhood Greenways: We are asking the City to kickstart the development of a network of neighborhood greenways, beginning with proposed routes in St. Clair-Superior and West Park. These greenways will be a critical part of a comprehensive network, creating safe connections within neighborhoods.
  • 5. Resident-Led Interventions: Updating permitting processes to promote resident-led interventions and projects will empower communities to actively participate in shaping their neighborhoods and advocating for bike and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure.
  • 6. Bike Parking Fund and Legislation: Establishing a Bike Parking Fund and updating bike parking legislation will address the need for secure and accessible bike parking facilities across the city, encouraging more people to bike for transportation.
  • 7. Safe Passage in Construction Zones: Strengthening and enforcing the existing safe passage law in construction zones will safeguard pedestrians and cyclists, ensuring their safety amidst construction projects. 
  • 8. Streamlined Public Safety Reporting: We advocate for streamlining and improving public safety reporting processes, ensuring the City has access to accurate and complete crash data, and that victims of traffic violence have clear records of their crashes.
  • 9. Citywide Mobility Study: Completing the Citywide Mobility Study is crucial, and we emphasize the need for quick-build recommendations that can be implemented within the next three years. Your participation in the Mobility Study will also be essential – keep an eye out for opportunities to be engaged.

Join us in advocating for these policy priorities to create a better Cleveland. Your support is essential in shaping the future of transportation in our city. Sign on to endorse these initiatives and let’s pedal towards a healthier, safer, and more sustainable Cleveland for all.