Support the Bunts Rd. Rehab Project for More Equitable Connections


In 2026, the City of Lakewood plans to rehabilitate Bunts Road from Lakewood Heights Boulevard to Clifton Boulevard. To best make use of the city’s limited resources, this project will address resurfacing, sewer improvements, and other maintenance to benefit all users, including pedestrians, cyclists, and micro-mobility devices. It will provide Lakewood with its first north-south connection for active transportation.

The city’s recently adopted Active Transportation Plan (ATP) and Safe Streets for All (SS4A) plan signal its commitment to emphasizing safety for all road users. The Bunts Road Rehab project is the first step in this commitment. The Planning Department has proposed two concepts: Alternative 1, supported by Bike Lakewood, features a 10-foot wide off-street shared use path on the west side of Bunts Road. Alternative 2 suggests on-street bicycle lanes on both sides of Bunts Road.

Why Support Alternative 1?

  • Alternative 1 is the most equitable and accessible option for all of our city’s population. Dedicated off-street paths are proven to reduce the number of accidents and resulting injuries.
  • It has the lowest impact on current tree cover. 111 trees will be removed during construction, but 125 new trees will be planted.
  • It reduces the total paved area by roughly 3000 square yards, reducing impermeable surfaces and improving our stormwater runoff.
  • It increases the total number of parking spots on Bunts road from 194 to 199.

To us, the choice is clear. We ask that you join Bike Lakewood in supporting Alternative 1, the off-street shared use path along Bunts road. This option provides the greatest safety for all road users with the lowest environmental and traffic impact.

How can you help?

Action #1:

Go to the link below and share your support and feedback on the project to the city via their public comment form. Some of our comments are below, feel free to copy and paste these into your message!

Bunts Rehab Public Comment Form | The City of Lakewood, Ohio (

I am thrilled to hear that the city is evaluating a shared use path on the entirety of Bunts Road. I support Alternative 1 and the prioritization of infrastructure for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other users of all ages and abilities. As Ohio’s most walkable and bikeable city, Lakewood must lead the way in prioritizing our most vulnerable road users.

Please consider the following additional recommendations:

  • Move on street parking to the side of the street OPPOSITE the multimodal path to remove barriers to line of sight when entering and exiting driveways as these could result in collisions with multimodal users.
  • Raise all major crosswalks and intersections to the level of the sidewalk. Raised crosswalks reinforce slow speeds and encourage motorists to yield to pedestrians at the crosswalk.
  • Ensure that all signalized intersections include Leading Pedestrian Intervals in programming. LPIs enhance the visibility of pedestrians in the intersection and reinforce their right-of-way over turning vehicles, especially in locations with a history of conflict. LPIs have been shown to reduce pedestrian-vehicle collisions as much as 60% at treated intersections.

Action #2:

Sign this petition in support of a protected multi-use path for all ages and abilities on Bunts Rd.