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Bike Cleveland set out ten years ago with a bold vision for our region – a vision in which biking and walking are convenient, safe, commonplace, and a source of pride. Ten years into this journey we’ve had many achievements: over 120 miles of new bike lanes and trails as well as over 400 bike parking spaces added, city and statewide bike friendly policies, and impactful education and engagement programs that have encouraged more people to ride. We encourage you to learn more about our accomplishments over the past 10 years at

None of this would have been possible without the help of our members, donors and supporters and we sincerely thank each of you.

In 2021, we were able to:

  • Infrastructure – Advocate for and support the installation of 10 new miles of bike lanes and trails throughout Cleveland. Including Union Avenue bike lanes, the Red Line Greenway, and more.
  • Random Acts of Brightness – Distribute over 110 light sets to unlit riders through our Random Acts of Brightness.
  • Vision Zero – With the City of Cleveland and Cleveland City Council, kickoff a planning process to identify strategies to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries on Cleveland’s roads through the creation of a Vision Zero Action Plan.
  • Voter Education – Educate candidates for mayor and council, as well as the voting public, on biking and walking issues through our candidate survey and a mayoral forum in partnership with citywide environmental groups.
  • Education – Reach over 500 people through our virtual and in-person education programs, including helping 35 refugee youth earn-a-bike in partnership with Nehemiah Mission and Refugee Response.
  • League Cycling Instructor Seminar – Host a League Cycling Instructor Seminar, helping 16 new people in our community get certified as cycling instructors.
  • Events – Engage over 3,000 people through our events and rides, including our signature events like the Bike Cleveland Fundo and Bike to Work Day.

As more people are turning to biking and walking we need your financial support to grow our advocacy and programs. Make a donation online today at

We are proud to be a part of our region’s ongoing transformation towards a more equitable transportation system – and to work with Cleveland’s amazing, committed, and passionate community of cyclists and supporters. However, much remains unfinished. Our bike network, while vastly better than it was ten years ago, is still hamstrung by critical gaps. Protected bike lanes are absent on streets where they should be present. People biking and walking continue to be injured and killed. Public statements from the incoming Mayor, and our recent interactions with members of the transition team makes us more hopeful than ever that real progress can come in the form of equitable mobility in Cleveland.

Your donation and membership will fuel Bike Cleveland’s efforts over the next 10 years, and help make Cleveland a best-in-class city for biking and walking. This is how we’ll be putting your investment to work:

  • Advocating for safe streets and public spaces through policy change and for best practices in bikeway/walkway design and maintenance, resulting in an equitable transportation network.
  • Providing education and training to increase knowledge and skills necessary to walk and bicycle safely, and educating drivers and decision makers on the rights of bicyclists and pedestrians.
  • Growing diverse, engaged communities by focusing on outreach, fun events, and membership and by building the next generation of advocates.
  • Effectively communicating with our supporters and the general public to inspire action to build broader support for safe biking, walking, and access to public transit.

This work is not possible without you. Make a donation today and become a member with Bike Cleveland.

Our vision is for a safe, connected network of bike lanes and trails that is accessible, equitable and enjoyed by all. Every new connection for which we advocate represents an important step towards a truly connected city, where people can safely and comfortably bike or walk to where they want to go without risking their lives.

So much goes into thoughtfully improving our city’s transportation systems. We are your voice in those decisions that impact how we move around our region. Cleveland is in the midst of a tremendous revitalization and shift in power – and we have every opportunity to evolve into a best-in-class city for biking and walking.

What will we accomplish in the next ten years? That’s up to us, together. Please invest in our mission of creating a region that is sustainable, connected, healthy, and equitable by making a donation to Bike Cleveland. We go above and beyond on behalf of bicycle riders like you in Greater Cleveland, and we hope you feel compelled to take the extra step to financially support our transformative work for safe streets.

Jacob VanSickle, Executive Director



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