UPDATE: City writes letter to ODOT requesting design changes to W.25th/Detroit – THANKS!

We learned today that the Mayor’s Office has, in fact, formally alerted ODOT about the original  designs proposed for the intersections at and near West 25th/Detroit and requested a variety of design revisions. The city is now awaiting ODOT’s response.

In our original blog post, we incorrectly stated that the city “is currently not planning” to send such a letter. Instead we should have said that the city “has not yet sent” such a letter. We apologize to our supporters and partners for this misstatement. As the bike advocacy organization for Greater Cleveland, we very much value our partnership with Cleveland City Hall and look forward to future opportunities to advance our city’s and region’s bike and pedestrian safety agenda together.

To the nearly 500 concerned residents, cyclists, and supporters of safe streets who signed the petition, I sincerely thank you for your passionate concern both for your city and the interests of the bike community. Your commitment and activism is awesome and you are helping to further Cleveland’s increasingly robust bike agenda.

We have reviewed the revisions requested by the city and agree that the changes requested will make navigating the complex intersections at and around West 25th and Detroit safer both for persons on bikes and pedestrians. We await with interest ODOT’s updated design based on the city’s recommendations. Thank you to Mayor Jackson and his staff at City Planning and Traffic Engineering for requesting some lane narrowing, cross walk additions and installation of a pedestrian refugee island. These features will increase safety for all users. If you’d like to send your own personal note of “thanks,” I urge you to do so. You can email the Mayors Action Hotline at mayorsactioncenter@city.cleveland.oh.us.

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