Welcome New Staff Members!

Bike Cleveland is excited to announce new staff members for 2017! Building a movement for cyclists in the Greater Cleveland area requires a team dedicated to fighting every day for the rights and safety of cyclists on our streets.  As you can imagine, much of what we accomplish would never be possible without our amazing crew of volunteers!

Center: Jacob VanSickle – Current (and awesome) Executive Director

Photo Left: Jason Kuhn – New Communications & Events Manager

“My exposure to Bike Cleveland reaches back to the original meetings during the formation in 2011.  I was working for a local bike shop at the time, and was extremely excited to see an organization like this developing for Cleveland. Over the following years I maintained a close relationship with Bike Cleveland, and I did my best to support them and their mission to make Northeast Ohio a safer place to ride for all of us.  I am humbled and proud to join the team and help build a better future for bicycle riders in Cleveland and surrounding suburbs.”

Photo Right: Deltrece Daniels – New Outreach & Membership Manager

“I was ready for a career change, and to help change the view of what cycling in Cleveland looks like. I enjoy riding one of my bike to go shopping, to checkout a new restaurant, and to see the beautiful country and city views that beautiful Ohio has to offer. Join us and let’s learn together how we can be safe, have fun, and create memories on two wheels.”

Thank you for being a member or supporting business of Bike Cleveland.  There is always more information about our Staff and Board and Our History available for those eager to learn more.

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