What’s your favorite bike ride?

The Cleveland Metroparks is building a route finder app for the Greater Cleveland area to help users identify and use trails and bikeable roads in the region both for transportation and recreation. Cleveland Metroparks is interested in getting GPS traces and other representations of favored commute routes and recreational rides in order to “feed” the system with the riding experience, expertise, and preferences of bicyclists in the region in order to make the tool work better. Do you have a favorite ride or a favorite commuting route you would like to share? Here is how you can help.

If you use the Endomondo Phone App, Strava, or other GPS device to track your bike trips, you can export your trip as a “GPX” file. For example, on your Endomondo Profile click on your “workouts,” click on your favorite ride and on the bottom right hand side, click “Export,” then select “GPX.” Once the file is downloaded simply email it to Map@BikeCleveland.org.

Help make the route finding app AWESOME by providing your favorite commuting and recreation routes. Watch for an announcement of the application by the end of the year.

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