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Routes released for MCPc Fun p/b Bike Cleveland

Routes have been finalized for the 2016 MCPc Fundo presented by Bike Cleveland at NEOCycle, and they’re better than ever! Moving the date of the Fundo to the Saturday has allowed us to utilize sections of the Cleveland Metroparks that have been closed to bikes for a running event the last two years. Once again […]


                FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 15 July, 2016  UHBIKES PRE-LAUNCH TO ROLL OUT IN TIME FOR REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION Full system to come online in September with official launch of 250 red bikes. CLEVELAND, OH – Cleveland and Cuyahoga County’s formal bike share system, sponsored by University Hospitals, pre-launches […]

Bike Lakewood Applauds City on Madison Ave Bike Lanes

After much anticipation, Bike Lakewood is excited to announce that Lakewood has begun striping the bike lanes on Madison Avenue! Markings for placement of the lanes were painted earlier this week and final lanes should be complete in a few days. This project has been a long time in the making and Bike Lakewood, Bike […]

Report A Surface Hazard Tool

Bike lanes are great. They increase ridership by providing a place for riders unable or unwilling to mix with fast moving cars and trucks; they are safer for people on bikes than mixing with traffic; they boost retail performance along corridors where they are installed; they’re good for your neighborhood and property values; and they save everyone […]

Summer Bike Giveaway

Look at all those people out riding around on their shiny new bikes. You think, “I want a new bike, but new bikes cost money I don’t have right now!” Well don’t worry, because Bike Cleveland is here to help! We’re giving away two bikes to two lucky people this summer courtesy of our friends […]

Surveys and meetings. But the fun, useful kind!

Midway Public Meetings Last plug for this because it’s important and they start tomorrow! Learn about The Midway and give your feedback. Check below for a meeting you can attend, and we’ll see you there! The Midway is designed to reclaim some of the excess capacity of our road network, and create a network of fully protected bike […]

NOACA Seeking Guidance for Long Range Transportation Plan

The Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA) are developing a long range transportation plan (LRTP) for their five-county service area in Northeast Ohio. NOACA are bound by federal law to develop a 20 year outlook on the needs of the region’s transportation system. The LRTP is a fiscally constrained budget, meaning it needs to consider the […]

June 20th E-Newsletter

First Things First Last night….was….amazing! Before the E-News, we need to first acknowledging the sheer awesomeness that is the Cleveland Cavaliers! We’re big fans of this great city, and like you, to bear #witness to a major Cleveland championship…well…you know the feels. We all have them! Ok, with slightly bleary eyes after a realllllly late […]