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We need your support to ensure a safe Detroit Avenue for people bicycling and walking.

Let us start by metioning that the bike lanes on Detroit Avenue will be repainted with a long lasting thermoplastic paint this year. With that happening, help us ensure Detroit is a safe street to ride a bike on for years to come! Read on to see how.

Currently there is legislation to enact a Pedestrian Retail Overlay (or PRO) along Detroit Avenue (form W. 25th to W. 50th) and on W. 25th (from Detroit to Franklin). The overlay will preserve the pedestrian-oriented character of older neighborhoods and to protect public safety by minimizing conflicts between vehicles and pedestrians in those districts.  This is accomplished by prohibiting certain uses within the PRO area such as, open car sales lots, service stations, car washes, and businesses being served by a drive-through facility. The PRO also prohibits curb cuts on the main street and requires new construction to be built no further than 5 feet from the sidewalk, and that 60% of the first floor façade be composed of transparent windows and doors. All of these elements contribute towards creating a more walkable and pedestrian friendly environment that benefits users of all transportation choices.

Though the City Planning Commission has already approved a rezoning of the area along Detroit Avenue between West 25th Street and West 50th Street from Semi-Industry to Local Retail. The commission tabled the discussion of enacting a Pedestrian Retail Overlay on this stretch.


1. Sign the petition below being sent to the Cleveland City Planning Commission telling them you support the Pedestrian Retail Overlay on Detroit Avenue to help make Detroit a safe place to ride a bike.

2. Attend the Cleveland City Planning Commission meeting on Friday, April 25th at 9am (Cleveland City Hall, 601 Lakeside Avenue, Rm 514). This will be our opportunity to show the planning commission that we want Detroit to be a safe place for people to walk and to ride a bike.

3. Attend the Cleveland City Council Committee on Tuesday, April 29th at 9:30am (Cleveland City Hall, 601 Lakeside Avenue, rm 217). This will be our opportunity to show the Cleveland City Council planning committee that we want safer streets across CLE.

Lets fill the room in support of better zoning to ensure safer streets.

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