Maple Highlands Trail Will be Connected Through Chardon

Maple Highlands Trail

Maple Highlands Trail

We received word today from the Chardon City Manager that the Geauga County Commissioners voted 2-1 to transfer the needed parcels of land to the city to connect the Maple Highlands Trail. Commissioner Spidalieri cast the opposing vote.  This transfer includes the property needed to extend the bike path from Advanced Auto on Center Street to Chardon Oil on Water Street.

According to Randy Sharpe the Chardon City Manager, “The Maple Highlands Trail Connection Project can now continue now that the City owns the property on Center Street.  Right-of-Way acquisition agreements with Burger King and Chardon Oil will resume.  Also, Environmental Design Group can start work on Phase II – Preliminary Alignment Study, Cost Estimate, Typical Sections and Grant Writing Assistance.”

Thank you to everyone who wrote (we have over 650 signatures on our petition) or called the Geauga County Commissioners encouraging them to support connecting the Maple Highlands Trail. Because of your voice and support Maple Highlands Trail will be connected through the city of Chardon.

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