MCPc Fundo Event Day Information

Thanks for supporting Bike Cleveland by riding the MCPc Fundo! Read down for some useful information. Please take a moment to read all of the instructions to ensure your ride goes smoothly. If you have additional questions please contact –


We always encourage people to ride down if possible, so if that’s you know that the W.76th pedestrian tunnel and W.65th pedestrian tunnel will be open if you’re coming from the Detroit Shoreway area. If you need to drive down there are no special instructions despite ongoing Shoreway construction.



Parking will be available at Lower Edgewater Park on Saturday with overflow available on the grassy area to the east of the paved lot. We don’t anticipate parking being an issue.



When you arrive at Edgewater Park please proceed to the Check-in/On-Site Registration tent to sign the necessary waiver and collect your official bib number. Riders can pick-up their packet at the following times at The Hub at Edgewater Park:

Friday: from 5pm-8pm | Saturday: from 8am-12pm  



Here are some key details you should know prior to Saturday so the morning goes smoothly for you. If you weren’t already aware, all proceeds from the event support our advocacy work to make Greater Cleveland a safe, fun, and easy place to ride a bicycle, so thank you for your support!



All rides start and end at The Hub at Edgewater Park. At the start we will have fresh fruit and granola bars for riders. The start times for the different distances are as follows:

Full Fundo (62 miles): 10:00am – 3 rest stops beginning at 10:30am

Half Fundo (34 miles): 10:15am – 2 rest stops beginning at 10:30am

Family Ride (10 miles): 10:30am – 1 rest stop beginning at 10:00am

It is important you start during your designated time to ensure we have volunteers, aid stations, and SAG vehicles in place at the right time to support your route. We ask that all riders complete the ride by 5pm and join us back at The Hub for lunch/linner (linner is a thing, right?). Food service will stop at 5pm sharp.  The last rest stop for the Family Ride and Half Fundo is located at Abbey Road Overlook will close at 3pm. The last rest stop for the Full Fundo is located at Mastick Woods Picnic Area in the Cleveland Metroparks and will close at 4:30pm. 



If you haven’t already, make sure to go over your bicycle BEFORE the morning of the ride. If you’re not comfortable working on your bicycle, take it to a professional ASAP to make sure it’s good to go. We recommend conducting an “ABC Quick Check” the night before the ride which goes as follows:

Air: Make sure your tires are inflated properly by consulting the recommended pressure printed on the sidewall of your tires.

Brakes: Make sure your brakes work properly, and that the pads are contacting the rim square and even without rubbing on the rubber of the tire. The hand lever should not pull all the way to the handlebar. Aim for roughly a thumb width of space between the handlebars and the brake lever when at maximum pull.

Chain/Cogs: Basically your gears. Make sure your chain is lubed correctly and your gears work. There are a few rolling hills on the routes and you’ll have more fun if you can get into the right gear quickly and easily.



Join us back at The Hub for your meal, included with your registration (pierogies, locally made bratwurst, vegan hamburger, and fresh salad) and included drink ticket (beer, cider, soda). Bike parking will be available in The Hub (BYO Lock).



Keep a lookout for these signs while on course to know where to go, and what the SAG vehicles look like.

Turn Ahead Sign_18x24 copy

2015 Fundo_Arrow Sign

Car Magnet copy



All riders will receive a route map and cue sheet with their registration packet. If you would like to review the routes prior to the ride GO HERE.

The rest stops can be found in the following locations:

FAMILY RIDE – Distance: 10 miles

Rest Stops

  • Mile 5.6 – Abbey Avenue Overlook

HALF METRIC CENTURY RIDE – Distance: 34 miles

Rest Stops

  • Mile 16.6 – Morgana Run Trail
  • Mile 29.8 – Abbey Avenue Overlook

FULL METRIC CENTURY RIDE – Distance: 62 miles

Rest Stops

  • Mile  16.6 – Morgana Run Trail
  • Mile 31.3 – Big Creek Parkway
  • Mile 49.3 – Mastick Woods



Ohio weather can be wildly diverse. The MCPc Fundo will continue during both rain and sunshine. Be prepared for anything and make sure you have accessories for inclement weather.

Sunshine = Ride continues

Rain = Ride continues

Thunder = Ride continues proceed with caution

Visible Lightning = If ride has not started it will be delayed. If ride has started you should seek immediate shelter wherever possible (under an overpass, convenience store, etc). SAG support will help all riders that they can but it may take a while to get everyone to safety, so be prepared to seek shelter. If you are off the course in a building please call the rider hotline at 216-309-1039.



Is printed on your rubber ride bracelet – 216-309-1039



One last thing! As I hope you already know, the MCPc Fundo is part of a weekend long festival of bike love called NEOCycle, and we look forward to seeing you at The Hub all weekend, especially after our ride on Saturday!

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