Solon Connects

The Solon Connects Plan is the result of community aspirations to consider new methods, opportunities, and technologies to achieve a well-connected city for all residents regardless of age or ability. The Solon Connects Plan is intended to not only guide leaders, but also inspire residents, business owners, and other stakeholders to rethink pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular mobility in Solon now and into the future.

The intent of the Solon Connects Plan is simple: build stronger bike and pedestrian connections between existing civic, commercial, and open space assets creating equitable and safer transportation connections for everyone. The plan will build upon Solon’s sense of community, pride, and amenities that make it an ideal place to visit, conduct business, and call home. The plan will look closely at existing facilities and multi-modal infrastructure both regionally and locally, while understanding, listening, and balancing national mobility trends with the needs and demands of residents and stakeholders to move vehicles safely and efficiently.

The Solon Connects Master Plan and other projects, including the proposed Solon bike trail plan, can be found on the Solon Connects Homepage

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