Brecksville Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan

On Tuesday, February 16th, 2021 we will be presenting to the Brecksville Streets and Sidewalks Committee on the benefits of creating a Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan.  You can review the presentation here!

Winter Riding Fun

Winter is coming as they say. You have worked hard all year to build fitness & improve your skills. Don’t let it all slip away over the winter! Come learn how to stave off the atrophy and stay motivated all winter long – and come out swinging in the spring! Attend to learn ways to […]

Night Lights

The days are getting shorter – but you don’t have to ride less! Learn how to keep riding thru dusk and dark with maximum visibility and safety & stretch your riding season out as far as possible! Attend to learn ways to stay safe while riding your bicycle. Bicycle riding is NOT a part of […]

Black History in Cycling :: Bike Smarts August

Join Bike Cleveland for an evening of educational entertainment and learn about notable African-Americans that have made an impact on bicycling across the world such as The World’s Fastest Man and A Quick Brown Fox to name a couple. Register at: ————————————————————————— Join Bike Cleveland every 3rd Tuesday for informative classes on a wide […]

Traffic Laws on Zoom

Stay Safe & Legal While Cycling for Fun Learn tips for cycling legally & safely provided by local lawyer Kenneth Knabe, of Knabe Law Firm Attend to learn ways to stay safe while riding your bicycle. Bicycle riding is NOT a part of the workshop. Register here to reserve your spot! Also – let your […]

Bike Lock Bike Smarts – June

A Bike and A Bike Lock go together like peanut butter and jelly. It is a must have accessory and one of the number one prevention of bike theft.   During this workshop, you will learn:   Bike Lock Tips Types of Bike Locks Bike Lock Reviews Resources to Register Your Bike Safety Tips for […]

Bike Smarts – Rolling at Home

Build your confidence and understanding of riding on the road About this Event: Covid-19 limits opportunities for social group riding therefore we will show you how to set up your bicycle on a trainer to ride indoors. Join Bike Cleveland on Zoom as we share equipment and tools needed for comfortable indoor riding. Register Here […]

D-I-Y Wrenching | Virtual Bike Smarts

Join us on Tuesday, April 21st at 6:30pm for our Virtual Bike Smarts class. Learn how to be self-sufficient and avoid delays by fixing your own flat. We’ll teach you which tools and supplies you’ll need to carry for a quick repair when you’re out on the road. Get social and join the conversation on Facebook . […]