Rider Update: Detroit-Superior Bridge Construction

  ***Update 7/16: Work has been delayed to an undetermined date*** Major resurfacing work is set to begin on the Detroit-Superior Bridge on Sunday, July 14th. During the construction period, vehicle travel lanes will be reduced to one in each direction. The work will shift from one side of the bridge to the other at […]

New Bike Lanes, Renewed Bike Lanes

We are pleased to report that there are NEW bike lanes on Madison Avenue from West Boulevard to W117th Street. Fresh, smooth asphalt awaits you as well. This includes the railway bridge underpass – a notoriously hazardous section that used to be a menagerie of repeated patch repairs. Along with these new lanes comes the […]

Report It!

People on bicycles are often the first ones to notice road problems, as they are greatly affected by road debris, snow, or other hazards. The City of Cleveland has a dedicated and responsive service line you can call – 311 – where you can report these hazards. You can also fill out an online form […]

How Far is Three Feet?

Now that there is a statewide 3′ Foot Passing Law for drivers passing cyclists, there is a lot of demand in the riding community surrounding an enforceable measure of safety while passing. But how will local police departments be able to enforce such a law?  Enter the C3FT Physics Package. It’s a 3 part system. […]

Call to Action: A Matter of Safety

A recent NewsChannel 5 report brought forward some Scranton Road resident’s safety concerns about the bike lanes that are planned as part of the resurfacing of the road. The reporter stated that this would be a “bike lane on a road that many use to get to downtown Cleveland” and that it is “packed with […]

Action Alert: SB73 Help make crossing a street safe

We have all been in this situation, waiting at the corner for a safe gap in traffic in order to cross the street. Many times, you have to place yourself into harm’s way – into the lane – to get vehicles to stop in order for you to make any progress across the street. What […]

Stantec Consulting: Cleveland’s Latest Bicycle Friendly Business

Today, the League of American Bicyclists recognized Stantec Consulting here in Cleveland with a Silver Bicycle Friendly Business (BFB) award, earning it a place alongside 1,266 bike-forward businesses across the country in a commitment to building a more Bicycle Friendly America. They join a growing list of businesses in Northeast Ohio and statewide that are […]

May: National Bicycle Month!

May is National Bicycle Month, and we’ve got a lot of reasons for you to ride! Here’s a quick roundup of what’s going on: All month: Gohio Commute Bike Month Challenge – More Details – We have partnered with NOACA and uGO to invite NE Ohioans to join a friendly Bike Month competition on Gohio Commute! […]