UPDATE > Public Meeting: Fulton Road

Update #2 News 5 Cleveland reported about the planned changes to Fulton Road, and the potential impact it could have on the safety of the road. Councilman Kerry McCormack as well as residents are concerned about the removal of 3 street lights for good reason. Please read our first update below, and sign on to […]

Help Shape The Future of Carnegie Avenue

MidTown Cleveland, with support from NOACA and other partners are working on a plan to re-envision the future of Carnegie Avenue. Part of the vision is to improve conditions for cyclists and pedestrians, and increase the connectivity and safety for all users. As it is today Carnegie is a dangerous street. From 2015-2017, there were 737 crashes on […]

Be Bicycle Friendly in the New Year!

More and more Cleveland businesses are recognizing that embracing the positive attributes of bicycling brings many benefits to the visitor experience and workforce happiness. Cyclists like to frequent businesses they identify as bike friendly, and prospective & current employees will view your company more favorably if you take a forward approach to integrating bicycles into your […]

Can I ride my e-bike there?

Ohio recently passed a statewide e-bike law, which mirrors those in a growing list of states. It’s an effort to provide some regulation and standards for a type of powered vehicle that is growing in popularity, and destined to share pathways and trails with non-assisted machines. Before we can delve into where you can take […]

Towpath Updates

Even though the winter weather keeps trying to slow things down now and then, progress on the Towpath connections around the Tremont area continue to happen. Pictures speak louder than words, so follow along as we check out the current conditions on this stage! Overview map of this stage, with photo locations called out in […]

Summit Recap & Moving Forward

The genesis of Bike Cleveland began back in 2011, when stakeholders of all backgrounds descended upon Windows on the River for a summit event that would set us on our mission. From those humble beginnings, the list of accomplishments and our impact on the city of Cleveland and Greater Cleveland continues to grow. But, with […]

Invest In Progress

Progress can be so incremental that you hardly notice it, or it can be a big leap that everyone can see. In both cases, the progress made can be equally rewarding. Bike Cleveland’s growth and progress is much like this. Each bit of growth, thanks to your support, represents what we aim to achieve every […]

Bike Laws: A Series in the Euclid Observer

Over the summer, a series of articles appeared in the Euclid Observer in an effort to promote safer and more efficient shared use of roads between bikes and cars in the city. The articles were written by Alisa Boles, who is a local attorney and bicycling enthusiast. In 2018, after completing 500+ miles of bike-riding with […]